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over 100 hours of educational content

Welcome to Spitfire Traders' comprehensive Video Library, where we provide a complete learning experience on crypto, forex, and stock trading using technical analysis tools such as range trading, Elliott wave theory, Wyckoff accumulation and distribution, support and resistance, Fibonacci, volume analysis, and more. Our extensive range of educational resources covers everything from setting up TradingView to mastering trading psychology. Dive into our extensive video collection and start your journey toward becoming a successful trader today.

Day Trading Course
Wyckoff Schematic Course
Altcoin Trading Strategies Course
Trading Psychology Course
Elliott Wave Theory Course
Entering and Managing Trades Course
Orderflow and Footprint Chart Course
Trading Patterns Course
Volume Analysis Trading Course
Fibonacci Trading Course
Introduction To Trading
Trading For Beginners Course


In this section, learn the essentials of getting started in trading, including setting up TradingView, risk management, position sizing, and documenting your trades using our trading journal. Equip yourself with the fundamental knowledge to build a strong foundation for your trading journey.

Trading for Beginners

Discover the basics of technical analysis and trading, such as identifying support and resistance levels, mastering range trading, and using trading indicators professionally. These beginner-friendly modules are designed to help you gain confidence in your trading abilities.

Fibonacci Mastery

Unlock the power of Fibonacci retracements, extensions, time, and crucial levels in your trading. Master these powerful technical analysis tools to improve your market predictions and make more informed trading decisions.

Volume Analysis Techniques

Learn to incorporate volume analysis, Open Interest data, Funding Rates, and volume profiles into your trading strategy. These techniques will help you identify high-quality trading levels and enhance your market insights.

Trading Patterns

Explore the world of harmonic patterns and simple chart patterns in trading. Learn to profit from these patterns and even counter-trade retail trading patterns.

Footprint Charts & Order Flow

Become a professional trader by learning to read and trade using footprint charts, understanding trading imbalances, trading point of controls, applying TPO theory, and utilizing cumulative volume delta (CVD). These advanced techniques will give you an edge in the competitive trading landscape.

Trade Management

Master trade entry and trade management, including maximizing risk-reward, implementing profit-taking strategies, and hedging trades. Effective trade management is crucial for long-term trading success.

Elliott Wave Theory

Profit from swing trading and scalping using Elliott Wave Theory, a powerful technical analysis tool that helps you better understand longer term market movements and capitalize on opportunities.

Trading Psychology

Overcome FOMO and master your trading mindset to become a consistently profitable trader. Learn the mental skills required to handle the emotional challenges of trading and succeed in this field.

Altcoin Trading Strategies

Diversify your trading portfolio by learning to trade altcoins, swing trade and day trade altcoins, and maximize gains from trading these digital assets.

Wyckoff Accumulation & Distribution

Identify signs of accumulation and distribution in the market using Wyckoff's theories. Spotting these patterns early can help you better time your trades and make better decisions.

Proven Trading Strategies

Explore various day trading, scalping, and swing trading strategies to find the best approach for your unique trading style. Implement these proven strategies to enhance your trading performance.

Upcoming Content

Stay tuned for new modules added weekly, providing even more valuable insights and techniques for your trading journey.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today 

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