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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I learn swing trading from your course?

A. Yes, our course covers swing trading extensively. You will learn how to identify high probability setups, enter trades, manage risk, and exit for maximum profits. Our price action-based strategies without using indicators are perfect for swing traders.


Q. Do you teach scalp trading?

A. Yes, our course includes modules on scalp trading and scalp trading strategies. You will learn how to read order flow, identify support and resistance levels, and use price action to scalp trades.


Q. What is the difference between day trading and intraday trading?

A. Day trading and intraday trading are similar in that both involve opening and closing positions within the same trading day. Intraday trading typically refers to trades that are opened and closed within minutes or hours, while day trading can involve holding positions for the entire trading day.


Q. Is your course suitable for beginners?

A. Yes, our course is designed for traders of all levels, including those who are new to trading. We start with the basics and gradually progress to more advanced technical analysis techniques. You will learn how to read price action, identify support and resistance levels, and use different order types to enter and exit trades.


Q. What approach do you teach?

A. We use a strategy called Confluence Trading. We focus exclusively on technical analysis in our course. We believe that fundamentals and news events are unpredictable and can lead to emotional trading decisions. By focusing on price action and technical analysis, we teach you how to make trading decisions based on objective data and reduce emotional biases.


Q. Are your trading methods suitable for advanced technical traders?

A. Yes, our course covers advanced technical analysis techniques that can benefit even the most experienced traders. You will learn how to use advanced volume metrics to identify high probability setups and manage risk.


Q. Do you provide any support or mentorship?

A. Yes, we offer support and mentorship to our students. We have a private community where you can ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback on your trades. We also offer weekly live webinars where we discuss current market conditions, new learning modules and answer your questions.


Q. Can I trade part-time using your methods?

A. Yes, the methods we teach cover everything from low time frame scalping, intraday trades AND high time frame swing trading, so you can trade part-time.


Q. Is it worth learning technical analysis if I'm a hodler?

A. Yes, the difference between a hodler without TA knowledge and a hodler with TA knowledge is significant. For example, if you knew how to spot market top signs, you could have exited your positions for cash in November 2021 saving you a 70% drawdown.


Q. Is the content easy to understand for a complete beginner?

A. Yes, every module builds upon the last. We begin with the absolute basics and progress through to more complex methods. Our content is straight to the point and clear.


Q. Do you give signals?

A. No, we do not give signals. We firmly believe that anyone who trades from signals will not make it long term. You need to learn to make your own signals, and that's exactly what the course is designed to do. We do share our daily trading plans with the members which demonstrate the regions on the chart that we are interested in trading and we also share our high time frame swing ideas on our weekly livestreams. But they are not signals, just confidence boosters for your own technical analysis.


Q. Do I need any other software or paid service for the course?

A. You will need access to Tradingview, your exchange of choice (I use bybit), and if you want to start using orderflow (advanced modules) then you'd need access to EXO charts or Atas. However, the latter options are not a requirement, and you can easily build a high win rate without orderflow using our methods.


Q. How quickly will I see returns?

A. The time it takes to see returns will vary depending on your learning curve. We've seen traders go full time within 6 months, and others take longer. It comes down to how much time you have to dedicate. Don't rush it because you want to tell your boss to f**k off next week. Take your time, and eventually, it will all fall into place.

So what are you waiting for?

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