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Spitfire Traders Technical Analysis Course

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Welcome to the start of your journey to become a successful crypto trader! Our goal is to teach you all about technical analysis to enable you to become profitable traders like us. We've been around the space for a few years now and we've wasted a lot of our hard earned cash on bad courses, poor tuition and outright liars. So we created Spitfire Traders to give you an honest outlook on what it takes to make good money in crypto. Enough money to do this full time. Is it gonna be easy? Hell No! But for those of you willing to learn and put the effort in, the rewards can be pretty sweet. You've seen us on twitter, you've seen us on Discord and now this is your chance to join us live, 4 times a month to learn TA with us. Can't make our livestreams? No problem, by joining us, you will also get access to our back catalogue of livestreams so you can learn in your own time. There's over 50 hours of content so far and it's increasing weekly! You will also get access to our co pilots section within our discord to discuss and share your newly learned TA skills. We'll also be hanging out in there a lot more too which gives you the chance to ask professional traders any questions you have. The only question you have to ask yourself is... What's stopping you from joining us? See you on the other side pilot!



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