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About the Author: Spitty, The Confluence Trader


Spitty, a highly-regarded confluence trader with over 6 years of full-time trading experience, is a leading expert in the realms of crypto, forex, stocks, and commodities. As the founder and lead educator at Spitfire Traders, Spitty has dedicated himself to revolutionizing trading education and empowering aspiring traders with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.


Having embarked on a journey that began like many others, Spitty was initially drawn to the world of trading with the allure of quick riches and easy strategies. However, he soon realized the importance of distinguishing between influencers, fake gurus, and genuine traders, and thus began his quest for the ultimate trading knowledge.


Spitty has invested thousands of dollars and countless hours in courses, books, and videos, only to discover that the majority of the information available was lacking substance. Through his perseverance and dedication to learning, he stumbled upon the powerful concept of confluence trading. By identifying regions where multiple technical analysis tools align, Spitty developed an edge in predicting market reactions with higher accuracy.


His expertise in trading psychology, coupled with his mastery of technical analysis tools such as Fibonacci, Elliott Wave Theory, volume analysis, advanced order flow, TPO theory, and Wyckoff Theory, sets Spitty apart as a leader in the trading world. His personal life has also benefited from this deep understanding of psychology, fostering a harmonious family life with his wife and 3-year-old son.


At Spitfire Traders, Spitty is committed to sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with his students. By teaching these invaluable strategies and techniques, he aims to help others avoid the pitfalls and misinformation that he once encountered. His goal is to provide a streamlined, effective, and practical education that empowers traders to achieve their full potential.


As a prolific content writer, Spitty also contributes regularly to the Spitfire Traders Journal, an online blog designed to provide readers with valuable insights and advice on trading. By crafting compelling content that combines his extensive trading experience Spitty aims to provide readers the best in class for trading education.


With his unique blend of expertise, dedication, and passion for teaching, Spitty is making a significant impact in the world of trading education. Join him on this journey and unlock your true trading potential at Spitfire Traders.

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