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Join us now and unlock the secrets to profitable trading!


Join our free Discord community and learn from full-time traders with a wide range of trading styles and technical analysis expertise. Click here to join now!

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Gain access to weekly livestreams including live charting, trade planning and exclusive, in-depth educational trading content

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Unlock over 150 hours of trading and technical analysis video content to master trading at your own pace, from beginner to advanced level.


"I can't recommend it highly enough! From beginner to the more advanced content we're now covering. It's no bullshit, Spitty doesn't sugar coat anything. All of the content he teaches, he does it in a way that everyone can understand! it is so under-priced it's unreal. If you want to get serious about trading, this is a must imo!"

“The way Spitty explains the TA on the charts is great. It even looks too simple, and actually it's just what I needed. No more FOMO, no need for a biased direction of BTC price, because it does not matter anymore.”

“To be honest I'm certain, that without Spitfire Traders I would have been liquidated by now, and left crypto forever. I learned so much in just 2 months and can't wait to go on with this journey. The approach by not giving out calls, just teaching and some hints here and there is the right one for me, its showing you how to fish, instead of giving you the fish.”

“I want to express my great gratitude to @Spitty for his enthusiasm to share his knowledge with people, I decided to join co-pilots and never regretted it. I began to understand the market and really earn money after so much lost money, nerves, and time. Thanks, @Spitty”

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